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How Wrong We Were To Think Immortality Meant Never Dying!

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Jess//19//Made In Australia.
Everything You Need To Know Can Be
Formed Into A Question And Asked.
I'm Not The Kind Of Person To Yell
And Throw Cat's At You For Asking Me Something,
But I'll Let You Know If It's Seriously Moronic.
Don't Waste My Time By Adding Me
If You're Just Looking To Lengthen Your Friends List.
Don't Waste My Time By Adding Me
If We Have Nothing In Common.
And Don't Waste My Time By Adding Me
If You Just Want To Start A Fight,
Because That's Trivial And Pathetic.
You Can Think What You Want About Me,
You Can Believe What People Might Tell You About Me,
But Unless It Comes From My Mouth, Then It's Wrong.
I'm Nothing Like What You Think I Am.
I'm Me, I Tell It How It Is And I Won't Change For Anyone.
So Go Ahead, Add Me.
But Think About This First: Can You Really Handle The Truth?

Unless You've Lived My Life,
Don't Judge Me Because You Don't Know,
Never Have And Never Will Know,
Every Little Thing And Detail About Me!
Form An Opinion Of Me, But Form It Well.